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About the CASE

​FUNCASE CO.,LTD. is a company that focuses on manufacturing,designing and selling cool stuff with very selected items. It started as a manufacturer specializing in making remote control gadgets for the customers,but now it has taken on a life of its own - creating the greatests from its own unique design. Apart from the products we produce,we also provide our clients with access to a picky supplier base delivering the best-value product  at specified quality and service levels. This is the place we unleash imagination and creation for fun.


With experience, focused on customer service and our profound knowledge of the global markets,we dedicate to bring you the best assortments.Our extensive customer base and our clients' long term loyalty are due to continuous innovation in new designs and products, high standards in quality ,product safety and experienced manufacturing and technical professionals located in the China toy town. Our vision is to create toys that aid in the positive development of children. Toys and games for young and old, girls and boys, new and classic for in and out - everything that a kid's heart dreams and desires.


We don't make all, we get the bests!

Retail Partners

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