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Not only is the Hawkspy 713 a professional BIG metal body helicopter with 3-channel control and built-in gyro, it also has a tiny real built-in camera of 720x480px to capture amazing video/photo at your bidding. Simply press a button on the remote to start and stop recording. Later, download the video/photo to your laptop and enjoy the view. You can fly indoors or out (under zero wind conditions) over 200 feet high.
The NEW Hawkspy 713 stores all the video on an included micro SD card. The remote works via 2.4GHz radio frequency rather than normal 27/40MHz or infrared allowing you to control the copter hundreds of feet away with no interference and more multiplayers. The built-in gyro allows precision turns and rock solid hovering for great photography abilities.What's more,the microphone is also equipped to do stand-by audio recording.The helicopter will be locked to look like dead while taping in the dark,filthily. Don't believe us, watch some of the amazing footage we shot in the video at the bottom of the page.Or try it yourself and DON'T forget to share on YouTube or your wall of Facebook!!
​​​​​​​​​​​​Removable colour Hi-Res camera(720*480) for video & photo shooting-
2GB micro SD card included

Metal body construction and a solid state gyroscope for precise control

Compatible with regular transmitter - 2.4GHz
3-channel proportional control,pilot lights & super bright torch light

Length: 620mm
Width: 95mm
Height: 235mm
Main Rotor: 470mm
Tail Rotor: 100mm
Motors: 370x2

Video : .avi ,Photo : .jpeg ,Audio : .wav
Power: 1300mAh 7.4V Li-Po Battery Pack

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