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High Hope modular drone 81856-03
High Hope modular drone 81856-02
High Hope modular drone 81856-01
High Hope modular drone 81856-04

Imagination just got unleashed!!


We always try to make something really easy for the drone fans to fly and do more. Finally we came up with an idea of building - High Hope the modular RC drone with camera which has all the parts detachable. Just 5sec and you got a drone ready to fly and shoot things. The High Hope has all you need for flying a drone, modular rotor set, camera, battery, housing, and also a space specially reserved for the optical flow module(optional). It comes with a tiny of lighter-size 2.4GHz motion control transmitter. A free app for iOS/Android device is available to do first person view while flying or controlling the drone (via the included WiFi camera module). One-key to fly and land is also a great feature even for the beginners.

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