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132 mini hobby truck
132 mini hobby truck-Torpedo
132 mini hobby truck-rambler
132 mini hobby truck-hellbender

The world's smallest mini hobby truck series - Torpedo the buggy, Rambler the truggy & Hellbender the short-course truck. With years of effort, we bring you the real hobby - making 1/32th scale RC mini hobby truck. The mini hobby series is fully-proportional on both of throttle and steering.  Unlike the regular toy - grade mini RC cars, these mighty RC trucks are equipped with servo, glued tyres, digital-proportional for steering & throttle and a very powerful brush motor which have the best performance of controlling on all kinds of surface. It's fast, but not furious. Give it a shot, you will see how nimble it is while racing around. A ramp and 6 cones are included for racing competition. The fun of racing is guaranteed. What's more, a tiny wrench is also included for replacing the wheels. And the improved 2.4GHz controlling system stables the transmission.

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