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Fly anywhere and record it all! Built-in 6-axis gyro keeps mini Orbit extremely stable in all flying conditions. Integrated camera records video of your flight.3 speed settings and push-button 360 aerial stunt rolls. Includes roller kit, spare blades & prop guards.Fly this fun little drone anywhere--inside or out! The mini Orbit is hit-record small to fly around indoors without getting into (too much) trouble, and it has a range of 30+ meters so you can take it outside and fly it so far that you can't even see it anymore! Record and replay your flights over and over. Whether you're chasing your dog around the yard, getting a bird's eye view of your neighborhood or just practicing stunt rolls, the mini Orbit built-in video camera will record it all so you can replay the action on your computer later. The mini Orbit is fun for pilots of all skill levels. Featuring super banked-turn fly,it could even make like a tornado. This quick little quad is great for beginner to advanced pilots. 

Tech Spec

Chips ---------------------------------- 32-bit

Sensors --------------------------- 3D Gyro & 3D Accelerometer(6-axis)

Camera --------------------------- 640x480px

                                                         for video & photo shooting

Dimensions ------------------------- 50x50mm

Fly time ----------------------- 6-8 min

NINJA Battery type ----------------------- 3.7V/200mAh

Charging time ---------------------- 30 min

Transmission --------------------- 2.4GHz

Transmitter Battery type ----------------------- 2xAAA(not included)

Controllilng distance ----------------------- approx. 30-40 meters

Special parts ----------------------- Roller kit,prop guard & landing skids

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