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TRUELY MADLY DEEPLY world's smallest 2.4GHz rolling quadcopter - nano X-Rider.The heart that it borns with is a 32-bit chip and equips with the 3D gyro & 3 D accelerometer(the informal calling is 6-axis gyro). This tiny funky little thing also comes with a roller kit & prop guard, which would get you hours of fun. You're about to create incredible hybrid acts in ninja styles such as wall climbing, sky walking or fly flipping. It may be small, but its performance capabilities belies it's size with it even being able to fly outdoors, wind conditions dependant. Never underestimate your own imagination!!

A vividly shot product preview is for you to start with,see below!!

Tech Spec

Chips ---------------------------------- 32-bit

Sensors --------------------------- 3D Gyro & 3D Accelerometer

Dimensions ------------------------- 45x45mm

Fly time(naked way) ----------------------- 6-8 min

NINJA Battery type ----------------------- 3.7V/100mAh

Charging time ---------------------- 30 min

Transmission --------------------- 2.4GHz

Transmitter Battery type ----------------------- 2xAAA(not included)

Controlling distance ----------------------- approx. 20 meters

Special parts ----------------------- Roller kit & prop guard

nano X-Rider DEMO

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