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The first & only entry-level quadcopter with tri-blade under the frame. It greatly reduces the windage generated by the rotors and the arms of the quadcopter. The tri-blade causes less vibration and gives more stability for aerial photography. Besides,tri-blade rotors are less affected by the wind.Uses 3D gyro & 3D accelerometer(6-axis they would say) and 32bit chip allows you to do acrobatic tricks like flipping and throw-to-fly.Special designed structure helps fly safe and easy. 2.4GHz controlling system,headless mode,low-volt alarm and more importantly built-in HD camera of 1280x720px @30fps for great video & photo shooting. Memory card of 1GB,card reader,USB charging cable,screw driver,landing skid foam & extra blades included. 

Tech Spec

Chips ---------------------------------- 32-bit

Sensors --------------------------- 3D Gyro & 3D Accelerometer(6-axis)

Camera --------------------------- 1280x720px or 640x480px

                                                         for video & photo shooting

Dimensions ------------------------- 395x395mm

Fly time ----------------------- 6-8 min

NINJA Battery type ----------------------- 3.7V/650mAh

Charging time ---------------------- 40 min

Transmission --------------------- 2.4GHz

Transmitter Battery type ----------------------- 4xAA(not included)

Controllilng distance ----------------------- approx. 60 meters

Special parts ----------------------- Removable camera & prop guard

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