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Phenom drone 01

Conquer the universe with the 2.4GHz Phenom Camera RC Spy Drone. Snap pictures and video of your aerial adventures with the onboard camera and save them to the included a Memory Card! 3D Acrobatic Mode lets you perform stunts and flips with this awesome drone, and the internal 6-axis gyro means your flights will always be smooth and easy. Made with a light, wind-resistant plastic polymer body, Phenom handles great outdoors! It has a 2.4GHz transmitter, so radio interference won't be a problem! When you're done flying, hit the headless button and easily retrieve the drone regardless direction. The very best item for drone flight beginners.

Tech Spec

Chips ---------------------------------- 32-bit

Sensors --------------------------- 3D Gyro & 3D Accelerometer(6-axis)

Camera --------------------------- 640x480px

                                                         for video & photo shooting

Dimensions ------------------------- 334x334mm

Fly time ----------------------- 6-8 min

NINJA Battery type ----------------------- 3.7V/300mAh

Charging time ---------------------- 30 min

Transmission --------------------- 2.4GHz

Transmitter Battery type ----------------------- 4xAA(not included)

Controllilng distance ----------------------- approx. 40 meters

Special parts ----------------------- Removable camera & prop guard

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