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Raptor drone main-1
Raptor drone main-2

By utilizing a 2.4GHz + Wi-Fi radio frequency, the Raptor has an impressive range and it is extremely responsive both indoors and outdoors. It is incredibly agile yet stable with it’s advanced internal gyroscopic technology and is capable of flips in any direction. Includes a removable Wi-Fi LIVE view camera, USB charger, bright LED lights and replacement rotors. 4CH 6 axis gyro with digital compass: ensures stability and enhances performance. 2.4GHz transmitter power: provides an impressive range of 40 to 50 meters.

It's simple and nimble.

*What dual-control means is either the regular 2.4GHz transmitter or the smart device can be the controller to control and fly the drone.

Tech Spec

Chips ----------------------------------   32-bit

Sensors ------------------------------   3D Gyro & 3D Accelerometer(6-axis)

Camera ------------------------------  640x480px / 25fps

                                 for video & photo shooting

Dimensions ------------------------- 70x140x42mm

Fly time ----------------------- 6-8 min

Battery type ----------------------- 3.7V/750mAh

Charging time ---------------------- approx.60 min

Transmission --------------------- 2.4GHz + WiFi Dual-Control

Transmitter Battery type ----------------------- 3xAA(not included)

Controlling distance ----------------------- approx. 40-50 meters

What's in the box ----------------------- R/C drone,Controller,Screen Clip

                                        USB Charger, 4pcs Back-up blades

                                        Screwdriver, Instruction Manual


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